Authentic Food

In large parts of the world Indian cuisine enjoys immense popularity. From the ever old royal recipes of the Maharajas to the imperial British 'curries', there is something to suit everyone’s palate. This is not surprising if one imagines that the country has some 1.2 billion people, who all have their unique traditions and cultures, and additionally a rich natural biodiversity.

Hence it is because of this that the Indian cuisine is richly varied. Meat or vegetarian dishes, mild or spicy, delicious breads with a suitable gravy or sauce, there is an appropriate dish for each individual.

Even though our focus at Bombay Palace is the mainly Northern Indian Mughlai cuisine, there are also a range of flavourful experiences one can have from other ethnic Indian cuisines, like the spicy Vindaloo from Goa or the creamy Kashmiri Korma. Bombay Palace offers you a variety of cooking styles and a variety of curry, tandoori and vegetarian dishes. A combination of these is also possible of course!

Coming here you are guaranteed true Indian hospitality with a cosy interior decorated to ensure you a complete Indian atmosphere and experience to take home.

On behalf of our entire team at Bombay Palace, Welcome and Enjoy!

About the Chef

Bombay Palace is a unique and authentic Indian restaurant in the beautiful Scheveningen area of The Hague, started by our head chef Mr. Naresh Chaubey.

Originally from a small town called Jhansi, known for its Queen Lakshmibai, Naresh Chaubey went to Lucknow to pursue gastronomy and management within the hospitality industry. Once graduated, he started as a trainee at the famed Taj hotel in Delhi, after which he moved to Muscat to commence his position as a chef at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel. Subsequently after a few years he decided to shift base to The Netherlands continuing as a chef, however this time more focused on the Indian cuisine, and finally as an entrepreneur in 1998 starting one of the few Indian restaurants in the country.

With so many years of experience in different cuisines and working environments within the hospitality industry, Naresh understands how to present the right food experience to his guests. It was his vision when he started Bombay Palace, to introduce real authentic flavours of India to his Dutch guests as well as to the many international residents of The Hague and nearby.